My “New” Car

Four years ago, I had a 2003 Dodge Stratus…it needed a transmission.  My uncle had a 2001 Mazda 626 with a perfect engine.  He was moving to an assisted living facility so he gave me his car.  I used that car for four years, however, it was seriously starting to fall apart.

My daughter got a job on campus which paid her tuition so she used the loan money to buy us a “new” car.  The car is gorgeous.  However, after two weeks, the check engine light came on.  I took it back and they said it was a cylinder misfire and I should bring it in so they could work on it.  My appointment was two weeks later (this has now taken a month off my warranty).  Their mechanic said it was some filter and they charged me $75 for the part.  I start the car to leave the lot and there is this god awful rattle, the mechanic opened the hood and said “oops, I didn’t attach this other filter properly.”  He also said, if the engine light comes on again, bring it back in.  Well, the next week the light came on again.  I brought the car in and he told me there is “anti-freeze in two of the cylinders”.  It will take a week to repair and you’ll have to pay for the overage of what the warranty company won’t pay for the parts.  REALLY?

Now I wait another week to be able to bring the car in for this service (I’m almost two months into my three month warranty).  I have to rent a car for a whole week to the tune of $150, plus the parts.  This is bullsh*t.  I paid you almost $6000 for this lemon.

When I spoke to other mechanics, they told me it could be caused by a blown head gasket which generally means I’d need a whole new engine.  There’s no telling what a new engine would be like.

My advice is to NEVER buy a car at AUTO CONCEPTS CARS in Glendora, NJ.

Public Housing Discrimination

Federally funded housing is governed by federal laws.

I have applied for many public housing or privately owned federally subsidized housing complexes.  I am disabled.  My applications were for senior/disabled housing complexes.

I was sent a letter in January of 2015 from a federally funded housing complex owned and operated by the Diocese of Camden that they had an apartment for me.  On my initial application it asked who would be residing in the apartment.  I listed myself and my daughter.  (She is not only my daughter, she helps me with many of my day to day functions).

I called the housing complex upon receipt of the letter to set up an appointment for my interview.  The “leasing agent”, who is not apparently well versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act asked me if my daughter was disabled.  No, she’s not, she is my caretaker.

According to the Fair Housing Act regarding tenants or occupants:

“it is usually unlawful for a housing provider to ask (1) if an applicant for a dwelling has a disability or if a person intending to reside in a dwelling or anyone associated with the applicant has a disability.”

According to the Fair Housing Act regarding reasonable requests:

Requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is a change in rules, policies, practices, or services so that a person with a disability will have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit or common space. A housing provider should do everything s/he can to assist, but s/he is not required to make changes that would fundamentally alter the program or create an undue financial and administrative burden. Reasonable accommodations may be necessary at all stages of the housing process, including application, tenancy, or to prevent eviction.”

Having my daughter live with me as an occupant/caretaker would not fundamentally alter the program or create an undue financial or administrative burden.

On February 26th, 2015, I received a letter in the mail from HUD.  It seems that the housing complex owned by the Diocese of Camden, discriminated against me regarding both of the above mentioned rules.

Later that day, I received a phone call from the Glassboro Housing Authority (this is where I really want to live), that they have an apartment available for me.  I called the lady back to schedule my interview appointment.  She too asked if my daughter was disabled and told me she isn’t qualified to live there, even if she is my caretaker.  WRONG.  Instead of filing a complaint with HUD, I called Senator Donald Norcross’s office, I sent this in an email to a Gloucester County Freeholder (who’s husband happens to sit on the board of the Glassboro Housing Authority).  I cited both comments from above.  Even if I do get the apartment, I am filing a complaint with HUD.

When a entity owns a housing complex that houses disabled residents, shouldn’t the leasing agent be well versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act?


New Jersey Discriminates

So, not only have they discriminated against me regarding the “modification” of my mortgage stating things like:

  1.   “You’re on Social Security, you don’t have enough money for us to work with you.”
  2.   “Is your disability mental or physical?”

Now they’re discriminating against me again because I’m on Social Security.  Below is the text of an email I have sent to my NJ State Senator James Beach, but I have sent it to Congressman Donald Norcross, and the Camden County Freeholders:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am being evicted from my home in February.  I called the Gloucester County Social Services and was informed that if I’m not on welfare, I don’t qualify for Temporary Rental Assistance.  However, not only am I disabled (on Social Security Disability), my income for two people is $14,000 a year.  According to what I read on your website, I more than qualify for rental assistance:

Taken from this webpage –

Disabled set-aside: reserved for disabled head of households or spouse.

Income Limits: Seventy-five percent of the participants admitted to the program must be extremely low-income families (30 percent of area median income as defined by region and household size), in accordance with the income guidelines published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The remaining applicants shall not exceed 40 percent of low-income limits (by county) as defined in accordance with the HUD guidelines.

This image was taken from the HUD website:


How is it that I don’t qualify for rental assistance?  I am being evicted, am I supposed to live in the street?  I feel that I meet the criteria set forth on your website regardless of whether I’m receiving welfare or Social  Security.  In fact, I’m disabled and cannot work because I can’t.  I’m not unemployed by choice.  I’m hoping you can help me.

If I don’t get help from the people mentioned above, I’m going to file a complaint with HUD and the New Jersey Attorney General.

The Haves and The Have Nots

I am a have not.  It seems that the haves want nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with the have nots.

It amazes me that my family doesn’t even care that my daughter and I have no place to go when we are evicted from our home in February.  I’m getting comments from them like “you’ll find something” or “when one door closes another door opens”.  Yeah, another door opens, the CAR DOOR.  The door that is closing is being slammed.  My family is slamming the door in my face, but I’m slamming back.

You see, they have money, I don’t.  I have a foreclosure on my credit report, no one wants to rent to me.  It’s all good, at least my car is paid in full.

When February rolls around and its time to move, there won’t be anyone there to even help us get our stuff out of the house.  It makes me sad that I can’t even rely on my family.  Like I said, I’m slamming back.  Don’t contact me for anything, not even to say Happy Birthday to me.  I want nothing to do with people who don’t care about their fellow man.  Go ahead and give donations to charity so the big wigs at the charity can get big salaries.  Go ahead and run down here like you were shot out of a cannon and argue about who is going to pay for my Mom’s funeral to the tune of $13,000…but don’t worry that the people who are still living don’t have a roof over their heads.  You people are really sick in the head.

I remember I filled out an application for housing in Brooklyn, I used my aunt’s address.  Funny, she never received ANYTHING in the mail.  I filled out another application recently, I used my cousin’s address…SHE received notification that I am on a wait list in NYC.  Do you really care, my darling aunt?  You tell everyone I am the daughter you never had…the way you are trying to help me, I’m really glad you’re not my mother.  In fact, I bet Grandma is rolling over in her grave knowing that you’d let me and my daughter live in the street.

So dear family, have a great life.  Don’t bother to call me anymore, I won’t answer.

Thanksgiving is Upon Us

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us once again.  I’m sitting here in my kitchen wondering why the only people who truly give a crap are the people who live hundreds of miles away.  I know why…because they know they can offer to help you because they know you won’t show up.

One friend invited me to Thanksgiving dinner three years ago, I couldn’t go, I think it snowed. So we said next year.  The following year she went to her husbands sister or something.  Last year, she called “after the fact” and said “why didn’t you come to me for Thanksgiving?”  Well, duh, you didn’t invite me…Well, duh, how am I supposed to know if you were home?  Well, duh, what if I showed up and you weren’t there or you didn’t have enough to feed two extra people?

Do we really have friends in this world?  NO.  The only friend we truly have is ourselves.

The Timing of New Jersey

The fabulous state of New Jersey has impeccable timing.

December 22, 2009 – the day of my Mom’s funeral.

We just returned home from the cemetery.  Took off our coats and immediately there was a knock at the door…I was served with a foreclosure notice regarding my house.  (I’m not going into the fact that the glorious state of New Jersey – who is my mortgage holder – has mortgage servicers who discriminate against disabled people. I will do that in another post.)

August 25, 2014 – The day I had to put my baby to sleep (exactly 17 years to the day that my dad passed away.)

I was in the backyard with Chippy, I just got off the phone with the veterinarian learning that there was no hope for Buddy to get better.  I cried out there for a while and went back into the house.  I sat down at the computer and there was a knock at the door.  It was someone from the Sheriff’s Office there to give me the “Sheriff’s Sale” notice for my house.

The Worst Date in my Calendar

The absolute worst day in my calendar is August 25th. It was on August 25th, 1997, I was sleeping around 9:00am. My daughter, who was seven at the time, came running into my bedroom yelling, “Mommy, come quick there’s something wrong with Popop.”

my dad holding emalee

Emalee was only a few hours old in this picture. My Dad is holding her.

I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. The dogs were in the backyard and there was my Dad, bent backwards over the seat of the computer chair, not breathing and unresponsive. His lips were purple. I got him down on the floor and started CPR until the ambulance arrived.

They started CPR and took him to the hospital. When we got there, we were ushered into a private room where we were informed that “we did all we could, we’re very sorry.” It took me about two years to get over losing my dad. He was Emalee’s father figure, she was the apple of his eye.

Fast forward to August 25th, 2014…

I had to put my baby to sleep. Complications from diabetes…Diabetic Ketoacidosys. I’m heartbroken. It’s two months and I can’t get over it. If he was human, he probably would have been my soul mate. I don’t even cry, tears just come and keep on going for hours at a time.


Buddy, My Baby

Having just put him to sleep at about 3:00pm, I was standing on my front porch having a cigarette when a Sheriff’s car pulled up and promptly handed me “Sheriff’s Sale” papers for my house. My day was complete.

The Story of Me

Follow me on my 25 year journey through my life in New Jersey. No one who knows me has ever seen such bad luck happen to any one person.

Of course, I will be posting things as I remember them so they won’t be in chronological order. The dates may or may not be exact, but my friends and family can attest to all of the horrible things that have happened to me.

No one deserves such a bumpy ride.